** = Not Written by Joe Young
The Alley Dog
My Friend Bernie
The Breakfast Club
I Love You The Bluest **
Best Friend a Boy Could Have
Good Man, Good Heart and Good Friend
My Daughter's Circle of Friends
Written by 9 Year-old Amanda Lemon
King Brownie
The Desiderata **
Glacier Falls
The Golfball Field
If Only All Men Could Be Like Brownie...
Words to Live By
Love at 17
Boys Being Boys
The Good Soldier
The Front Porch
If I Die Before I Wake
What Happened to Jose?
Sgt. Ryan C. Young - KIA in Iraq
Every Home Should Have One
A Fortunate Life
For His 21st Birthday, Jose Got...Death
In God We (Still) Trust **
High Flight **
Late for the Sky - Masterpiece
In The Bleak Mid-Winter
Keeping God in Public
Is It About Flying? or Heaven
Genius in Words and Music
Sarah McLachlan's Version
When Angels Intervene Pt. 1
When Angels Intervene Pt. 2
Things That Go Bump
John Lemon
Brushes with Death
Brushes with Death
The Unexplained
The Legacy of John Lemon
Shine On
Texas Rain
What Dreams May Come
How Fleeting Our Lives Are
My Idea of Heaven
That Ephemeral Entity
Why I Dream What I Dream
Blame the Boomers
America the Beautiful
Blood on Blood
The Decline of the American Way
The Result of Reckless Driving
It's Still The Envy of the World
There May Not Be Much Time Left
Dear Ryan
A Memory Not Made
Murder in Desert Knolls
Ten Years After
The "Last" Event
The True Story of Murder in Our Family (8 Chapters)
And It's Still There Today!
Utilities and Misc. Other Collectibles
On Which Day of the Week Were You Born?
Irish Quote for the Day
The Kid From Brooklyn
Mark Twain Quotes
Type in Your Birthday and This Tells You What Day It Was
We Micks Have Something To Say About Everything...
The Big Man's Back!
Brilliant, Pragmatic and Funny!
Percentage Calculator
Beatles Demos
Misc. Unique Videos
What Happened to Our Old Anaheim?
Very Cool, Easy to Use Tool For Any Percentage Function
Before and After songs
For We That Grew Up There It's All Gone
Quotes About the Irish
Lessons Learned
My Letters to the Editor
Irish Proverbs
No Shortage of Things To Say About The Irish
Inarguable Things I Have Learned
of the Press-Enterprise
An Anti-War Song That Works
The Scanner Bed Images
Remember When?
Irish Trivia Quiz
From A Surprising Source
Images Scanned from Photos of My Family
A Slide Show With the Alan Jackson Song Behind It
Ten Questions to Test Your Knowledge of the Emerald Isle
Cisco Country
Funny and Wise Quotes
90 Year old Shares Her Wisdom
Very Inspiring Story
This Dog is as Tough as Any Dog but if I follow his rules, I don't bleed
Winning the Cultural War
by Charlton Heston
Internet Speed Test
Song of the Week
Funny Country Songs
The Young Family Motto
Ryan Young's Website
Young Genealogy
Jackson Browne Song Lyrics
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