I Love You The Bluest

Amanda Lemon
Date Written/Revised
Autumn 2013

I love you more than the blue sky on a sunny day

I love you like I love the nice ocean with a quiet wind

I love you like a Bluejay on a cold winter day

I love you with the feeling of a big hug

I love you with the feeling of the tickle on my foot when I
awake in the blue, crisp morning

I love you with feelings of the blue twilight in midnight sky

I love you the bluest.

(From the book entitled, “Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans / 2001 Edition” Vol CXXII – Published by Anthology of Poetry Inc.)

The really amazing thing about this poem aside from its succinctness and depth is that it was written by a 9 year-old!
That's right. Amanda Lemon was nine years old at the time she wrote this and was the granddaughter of one of my best friends ever John Lemon. This poem so impressed everyone that it was included in a book of poetry by young Americans. I believe that Amanda understood love even at that early age. How could you write something like this...at any age and not understand love?


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