When Angels Intervene
Part Two
by Joe M. Young

While it is true that many people have had very close calls and near death accidents I believe that two such close calls in one life are too much for coincidence. Again, maybe it’s because I’ve always believed in God, but since I do believe in God, there is no way I can draw any other conclusion.

That being the case, it would beg the question, “Why?” I mean why was I saved from instant death on those two occasions? Of course I would never be so foolish as to ever question what God has in mind for me. But I do believe that I was saved for some reason that I likely will never know until I am face to face with God.

In fact I was talking to a friend of mine recently about this very subject. His name is Geoff Brown. He too had been in such a close call that he was of the same mind I am…that he had not lived long enough to fulfill the one thing that God had in store for him. We both agreed that God does not exist to act when we want Him to act or to do things for us like an actor in a play. But we are part of His plan whatever it is.

It might be something that we would never recognize as an important role but nonetheless is. It might very well be that we ourselves are not slated to cure cancer or some other deed that will directly save the world. It could be something as small as helping someone one day and that act of helping could change the course of that person’s life and they wind up doing something important. Or it might be that it’s the same scenario but three generations away. Who knows?

That is the only explanation to me for the two times in my life that angels kept me from harm. There may have been many more that I’m just not aware of but at least I do have those explained.

Sadly, ten days after I wrote this article, my friend Geoff Brown whom I mentioned was himself killed in an early morning motorcycle accident. The one positive thing I keep about our conversation is that during the course of discussing this, he told me that even though he didn't try to convert people with his beliefs, he did believe in God and that God was his saviour. I find solace in that fact because it means I'll see Geoff again waiting like so many others of my friends and loved ones who have gone before...waiting in a peace that is not understandable to us mere mortals. Rest in Peace Geoff.

In Memory of
Geoffrey Brown
1974 ~ 2013



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