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For a while a couple of years ago on Jackson Browne's web site they offered all of his lyrics and you could even get them by the full album. They removed the lyrics for some reason. However back when the had them on line, I went ahead and downloaded them. If you are reading this, no matter how you found it, then you must be a Jackson Browne fan. If so, you have a whole lot of company as Jackson Browne is one of ...if not the most prolific and forward thinking songwriters alive. Actually he has been since his very first album, the eponymous first album. I'm sure somewhere along the way since Jackson Browne's first album he must have had a not so glowing review but I've never read one.

More the norm would be the reviewer wondering how it is that this one man could write such brilliant words and music and continue to produce the same quality music year after year. Especially this was the case when Jackson was so young and writing music that filled complete albums like For Everyman and Late for the Sky which was created when Jackson was no more than 25 years old.

Through all of his growing stages, Jackson Browne has remained true to his beliefs and convictions. All the while suffering tragedies, personal upheavals and at the very least, through trials like the Everyman he sings about on the For Everyman album.

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jmy 10 January, 2014

Album Name
Album Cover Art
Album Name
Album Cover Art
Jackson Browne
Lives in the Balance
For Everyman
World In Motion
Late for the Sky
Looking East
The Pretender
I'm Alive
Running On Empty
Time The Conqueror
Hold Out
The Nake Ride Home
Lawyers In Love

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