Lessons Learned

You cannot live to be my age and not have learned some things. And when I say learned some thing, I mean there are some facts of life that simply cannot be disputed no matter how much you may want them to not be the truth. Some of the things I have learned are best said by the words of others who are much more eloquent than I am. Certainly more succinct.
Even at my age when I am wise enough to accept these words of wisdom from people who have come before me on this Earth and who have possessed a skill with language that I will never have, I still have to refer back to these thoughts to remind myself of their truth. I'm afraid I am like most people in that I can accept many things as reality but sometimes subconsciously think they apply to everyone else but me. That may be the biggest mistake I have made repeatedly over the years. That is why I have written these facts down over the years...so i can reflect on them and apply them to my own life. I guess it is just human nature but even though these words of wisdom are absolutly, unrefutably true, I still have to re-read them once in a while so I don't forget them. When I get to the point where I don't need to read them to remind myself, then I will feel I have become truly wise. Unfortunately, that day will likely never come while I'm still alive. Again I think it's human nature.
Some of that may be because I believe people want to see and believe the best in others and therefore sublimate the negatives that do exist in reality.

Be aware that what you chase may not be worth catching. If you cheat for it, you will come to resent it.
If you steal for it, it will haunt you. What you work hard for may become the sweetest thing in life.

The world breaks everyone. And most people are stronger in the broken places. In other words, "adversity builds character"

When people say one thing but do another, believe what they do. Because the spoken word can be made into anything a person wants. Yet deeds are facts. People can say anything but what they do is what is in their hearts and minds. In other words, "actions speak louder than words".

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Because you can't change a person's core values once they are past their formative years. This also applies to non-human subjects as well. Example: Back in 1978 working for a Lincoln Mercury dealership, the sales department would occasionally sell a Monarch (a mid-sized, mid-priced sedan) and have us install what they called a Continental Kit which consisted of a chrome grill that was bolted onto the front of the car over the factory grill, and another bolt-on body part over the trunk to make it have the same shape as a Lincoln Continental. But when we were finished, it was still not a Lincoln. In other words, "You can't polish a turd"

A nod is as good as a wink...to a blind horse.

People only see what they want to see.

Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make...Nor Iron Bars A Cage

Truer words are rarely spoken. Just because a person doesn't live in jail or prison, doesn't mean he doesn't feel caged or trapped. That feeling is made in a person's mind no matter where they physically live. Just look at the many suicides of rich people. Obviously money alone doesn't make happiness. And with all the money in the money in the world at their disposal, we still see celebrities and other "privileged" people committing suicide all the time.

Generally, you should trust "women's intuition"

. Many studies have shown that what is commonly regarded as "women's intuition" is simply a female's ability to pick up on many aspects of communication - both verbal and non-verbal - that men simply don't notice. Changes in a person's pupils (they enlarge when a person is lying), fidgeting with one's clothing or otherwise innocuous scratching and touching of different parts of the body. For example when people are hiding something as in stretching the truth, they will many times unconsciously cover their mouths or pass their hand over their mouth. Also, when someone is saying something that is likely not true or they are nervous about what they are saying, they will scratch their necks lightly 3 times. Believe it or not when people really have an itch on their neck, they scratch five times. There are many, many other signs that someone is not being truthful such as their voice raising half an octave among other things. These are all but imperceptible to men, but women seem to have a built-in ability to fine tune their senses without even thinking about it.

When a man lies it's the last resort. When a woman lies it's first aid.
It's true. If a woman is going to lie, she will start off by telling the lie to get it out of the way. When a man plans on lying, he goes as long as he can with telling the truth until the point comes where he must lie. Then and only then will he change things around to fit the lie which by that time usually doesn't work.


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