From the moment we are born time begins. It slips away no matter what we do. And the time we have here on Earth is finite. For some it might be one day. For others it might be one hundred years. However much time each person has, there is no time to waste.
That doesn't mean that every minute of every day you have to be doing something productive. It does mean that every minute of every day should be spent to the fullest. Whether it means just having fun, or being happy, or even being sad. All are emotions that you should drink to the fullest so you don't look back on your final day and regret not having done something.

"dying men draw numbers in the air, dream to conquer little bits of time.
scuffle with the crowd to get their share, and fall behind their little bits of time "

Jackson Browne - Colors of the Sun (For Everyman album 1973)

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