Reports are how all the data that has been collected are viewed.  There are many different report formats. In the Family Tree Maker 2011 alone there are many types of reports.  All reports use the data from a GEDCOM file or .ged file to mine the information from and then arrange it in such a way as to make it easier to read and understand.

I use Family Tree Maker 2011 to compile information that I gather, and then use The Complete Genealogy Reporter program to generate the reports. It's not that the CGR is more thorough, but it formats in .pdf, html and plain text and other variations of those.  Plus it generates thousands of lines of code in mere seconds...usually less than ten seconds.

However, in order to keep things updated etc.  I also use Genopro 2011 v.  which also will generate HTML code and it has other features that CGR does not such as a Google Map add-on that allows you to click on any part of the map where let's say an ancestor lived, and it will pull that spot up in real time to show you what it looks like now. 

Report from 10 June, 2016 in The Complete Genealogy Report format. Opens in any browser
Report from 10 June, 2016 in the Genopro Format Opens in any browser.
The .ged file used to write both reports above. It is a flat file so you must download it and open it in Notepad or Textpad or any other text editor.


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