Gus Adams Remembering The Youngs Georgia Archives Vol. 3
About Mary Young Irwin County Grand Jury Notes from 1846
About America Young About Remer Young - 1st Document
Land Claims - 1757 About Remer Young - 2nd Document
Thomas Mouse & Family Bio Lucy Mouse's Will
About Sarah Young Last Will & Testament of Isaac Young Jr.
Excerpts About Our Branch of the Tree from The Book, "A List of Early Settlers of Georgia The History of Savannah and South Georgia - full book...more than 1,000 pages with references to our ancestors
Marriage Records from Irwin County with the Young Surname The Full Book of, "The Young Family of Georgia"
The Full Book of, "A List of Early Settlers of Georgia"
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About Thomas and Lavinia Young Jones
Obituary for Lavinia Young Jones
Censuses and Related Official Documents

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