Our Family in the Month of May

Below you will find all of our family members who were born, married or died in the month of June.  Or as I prefer to say, "Hatched, Matched and Dispatched"

The first of our blood born in May as of sourced records was, Lavinia Jones -Young in 1810 and the last was our own precious Bailey Rae Richer in 2009


2. Birth of Antoine Hubier, in 1846
3. Birth of Catherine Annette Duran, in 1960
5. Birth of Remer Young, in 1826
     Birth of Mary Elizabeth Turner, in 1861
11. Birth of Billejean Greene in San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas, USA, in 1930
14. Birth of Thomas Jones in Bulloch, Georgia, USA, in 1802
Birth of Lavinia Young in Chatham, Georgia, USA, in 1810
15. Birth of Willis Napoleon Young, in 1858
16. Birth of John Franklin Turner, in 1846
21. Birth of Randolph Avera, in 1826
22. Birth of Esther Emmons in Joaquin, Shelby, Texas, USA, in 1913
24. Birth of Nicolas Michael Young in Corona, Riverside, California, USA, in 1992
27. Birth of Charles Thomas (John Arent) Brown in Alabama, USA, in 1837
     Birth of Bailey Rae Richer in Apple Valley, San Bernardino, California,          USA,     in 2009
29. Birth of Susan Tallulah McElbeen, in 1855
30. Birth of Melissa Young, in 1972


6. Marriage of Willis Napoleon Young and Cora Edna Hubier in Texas, USA, in 1909
7. Marriage of Remer Young and Mary Barry Wyche in Thomas County, Georgia, in 1846
9. Marriage of James Everett Young and Lavinia Jones Young, in 1844


4. Death of James Young in Georgia, USA, in 1859
Death of Mary Henderson in Chatham, Georgia, USA, in 1810
Death of James M Young, in 1917
23. Death of Willis Napoleon Young in Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana, USA, in 1939
24. Death of Henry Herman Hoffmeister Sr. in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, in 1975
30. Death of Isaac Young Jr. in Savannah, Chatham, Georgia, USA, in 1799
Death of Mary Ulmer, in 1918
Death of Billy Ray Young in Zwollie, Sabine, Louisiana, USA, in 2015


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