Our Young family Motto

It may not be original, and hey let's face it, it's been used a million times in things such as songs by Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart etc.  It is sort of a natural motto for people who are born with the name. So at least we're not alone in our use of Forever Young. 

However, we don't just say it in our family,  Don't just say it...display it.  So we put our motto where our mouth is. Here are some of the ways we "display it" First, here is a photo of our motto on my upper right arm and my brother has the exact tattoo on his upper left arm. I still have the pattern that the original artist who did our tattoos gave me. You can click on any image on this page to see the full sized picture.


In the second picture you will see me in the Notre Dame cap with the motto on my right upper arm.
The third picture is of course Ryan's headstone at Riverside National Memorial Park with the motto.
The bottom left is the memorial that is on the grounds at Norco High School which they put in for Ryan motto and all
The bottom right is dad's headstone in Union Springs Cemetery in Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana complete with the now familiar motto.


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