• Children of Remer Young
  • Lavinia Young-Jones
  • Denise Young-Holodnak, Melissa Young
  • Jimmy Earl Young Melissa Young, Jimmy Earl Young & Denise Young
  • Mollye Young and Virginia Young
  • Milton Clent Young
  • Children of Lane and Octavine Young
  • Judy Dian Young (Background) Joe M Young (3 yrs old) Joe M Young
  • Nicolas Michael Young
  • Judy Dian and Jacy Kay Young, Jacy Kay Young, Jacy Kay Young
  • Nicolas Michael Young
  • Nicolas Michael and Judy Dian Young
  • Marvin Lynn Young
  • Floyd Murdock and Brett Lane Young
What do all of the people in the images above have in common?  They All Share The Same DNA

In the changing picture above, every person in those pictures, has one thing in common…they were all born with the Young surname. Even better, they are all from our branch of the Young family that descended from Isaac (b 1692 Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland d 1757 Georgia Colony) and Mary Sarah Mouse (b 1696 d 2 Sept., 1742 Georgia Colony)

Elijah Remer Young (b Sept. 1798 d 6/30/1860) was a philanthropist. When he passed away he left $30,000.00 ($800,000.00 in 2015 dollars)for a female college to be built. It became Young's Female College. It was built under the direction of Remer Young whose children are pictured above. Today it is called Young-Harris College and it is co-ed.